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Leagues are a great way to get outdoors, have fun with friends and colleagues, exercise, and just enjoy the game of golf.

Bridges has great league opportunities for new or transferred leagues.

Call 608-244-1822 ext.3 and talk with Becky about all our league options.


Don’t want the hassle of running a league? Don’t worry we will do all the work for you.

Bring your league to the Bridges and we will do all the work.  Tee times, pairings, competitions, prizes, specials, and handicap scores entered if you want.  We will even run your end of the year party.  Call 608-244-1822 ext.3 and talk with Becky how we can give you a hassle free summer of golf.

What separates the Bridges Golf Leagues from every one else?  Every league player get a  loyalty card worth over $50, we have a league calendar with specials just for league players, and great bar and restaurant specials each league night.




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